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I moved to middle Tennessee in 1996 to work for a record label. Quickly, I learned that the business side of music was NOT what I wanted to do with my life, and I moved on to  ventures in casual/fine dining and retail for the next 10 years. During that time I built hundreds of playgrounds on the side. Every so often, a client would ask me if I did fences, decks, etc. One day on a lunch break, I perused though a "how to build fences" book. I knew it wasn't rocket science and the next time a person asked, I accepted the job to build a fence. That fence still stands today in Green Hills, as the first of many I would go on to build. Soon after that I left retail and started Backyards by Bullfrog in 2006.


I took the approach with my fledgling business that I did in retail and restaurants, make sure the client is well served. Everything else will fall into place. I decided I wanted have a well rounded opportunity to better serve my clients and didn't stop at fences, but added decks, pergolas, landscape design and installation, and even tree houses! (Heck, I had coffee table books of a certain tv personality that built incredible tree houses, years before they ever had a tv show on the subject) Using a client based approach, I soon learned that the construction industry was far from client friendly. If I actually met my clients to get an estimate done, did excellent work and met or exceeded the clients expectations, I didn't have to pay anyone to advertise for me. Happy clients are always the best advertising tool a business could ask for. This page was created September of 2018, and along with the business' Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts, it's the only advertising I do. (I'm still trying to figure out all this social media stuff, especially building this site!)

I have always wanted to figure out a way to extend the living square footage from inside  my clients homes, outside. I strive to do excellent work, for a reasonable price, and have a client that would recommend me to all their friends and family. Hopefully, I can help you with your outdoor needs.

Thanks and God Bless,

Jeremiah Brown

This and That


We offer a two year warranty for quality of craftsmanship and workmanship. Yeah, that's kind of unheard of in this business, but we don't aim on coming back to fix our own work, a second time. (This does not include live goods, materials, or products.)

Getting Started

What we generally ask for is 4 things from you. Text is best, but phone and email are fine too! 1. Full name. 2. Address of work to be done. 3. Email address. 4. What are we looking at? Fence? Deck? Tree House? Landscape Design? You get it. We'll contact you to set up the FREE estimate, and after we do that, use the email address to send it to you. All we ask is that you let us know you received it, to be sure it did't get dumped in the "spam" folder. 

Dollars and "Sense"

We do not ask for a penny when you tell us you want us to do the work. We just want to know if you want on the schedule. First come, first served is the only way to make it fair. After that, we generally get with you a couple weeks out from construction to notify you a a more solid start date, and to pick up the materials check. (We're not a bank after all!  :o))

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